School Curriculum

The art of T'ai Chi Chuan has three main branches: the Form, Push Hands, and the Sword. In the Form, we learn about ourselves: our health, our balance, our ability to relax. In learning Push Hands, we expand our awareness to include interacting with a partner. Listening for tension and relaxation, we learn to stay relaxed and rooted to the ground while playing with the energy of our partner's movement. After Push Hands, we expand our consciousness still further with the longer reach of the sword. With the Sword Form and Fencing we now have moving feet rather than the fixed feet of Push Hands. We use the sword as an extension of our body and feel, through this tool, the expression of our spirit.

In additon to above the school also offers Roots and Branches™ 5 Element Qi Gong:
and also offers trainings from The Arica school

T'ai Chi Curriculum

Beginning Form
The 37-posture Yang Style Short Form takes about 30-35 hours to learn and is taught in three separate ten-hour sections called: B1, B2 and B3. Classes normally meet for one hour once a week. The moves of the form are thoroughly explained and practiced. Daily practice is recommended.

B1 - the First Third
In the first 10 classes you learn the moves of the First Third and the basic principles of the form. Relaxation is the key. The First Third is actually a complete form unto itself. Repeat it as often as you like or proceed with B2 and B3. (10 hours)

B2 and B3
The remaining 20 classes complete the teaching of the basic form. Each session picks up where the previous one left off—with a complete review of the previous class followed by new material. You will discover changes in your body and mind. (each is 10 hours)

Advanced Classes
We offer a complete curriculum for continuing study. Emphasis is on the principles of relaxed movement which are essential to progress.

In this course, we work to embody the Form at a deeper level. As in any art, there are fundamental elements that provide a foundation on which one's practice may grow and flourish. In Fundamentals, we focus on these elements in each posture and examine how each posture or transition works our balance, our relaxation, and our awareness. (total 20 hours)

Embodying T'ai Chi
The only way to cultivate T'ai Chi is through practice. Daily home practice is recomended. In additon to your home practice our School supports students in practicing by offering:

Practice Sessions:
These are rounds led by a teacher held in a public venue. Ask at class to find out where and when these are taking place.


We offer a complete curriculum for continuing study. Each course focuses on a different aspect of the art. Emphasis is on the principles of relaxed movement which are essential to progress.

Push Hands 1
In this course we introduce the work with partners known as "push hands." Despite the connotation, "push hands" is taught in a non-confrontational way, focusing on our own stability, balance and ability to interact with each other in harmony. (20 hours)

Intermediate Form
In this course, we progress to a deeper and more internal understanding and practice of the form. New concepts are introduced that enable us to integrate our form and push hands practice as one body of knowledge. (20 hours)

Push Hands 2
A continuation of Push Hands 1, but with the two-hand sequence and the principle of yielding introduced. In this course we establish a clear understanding and embodiment of push hands practice, refining our technique, sensitivity and awareness of ourselves in relation to others. (30 hours)

Push Hands 3
In this advanced course we focus on both form and push hands using self-observation to increase our awareness and release tension from specific parts of the body. Relaxation is emphasized with various breathing and meditation techniques used. (30 hours)

Intermediate Form Corrections
Our curriculum alternates study of the form with study of push hands. The insights we've gained in Push Hands 3 are used to further refine our intermediate form practice. (20 hours)

Apprentice Program / Teacher training

An extensive program designed to train students to become teachers is offered to approved students. Coursework includes advanced work in form, push hands and the sword.

Open Push Hands / Sword Form