Psychocalisthenics (P-Cals) – Oscar Ichazo

- Dublin November24th 2018

Five Element Acupuncture College in Dublin Ireland

An opportunity to study the 5 Elements as presented in Roots and Branches™ 5 Element Qi Gong in more detail.

T'ai Chi Research

Older Subjects Who Regularly Practice T’ai Chi Found to Have Better Arterial Compliance and Greater Muscle Strength than Non-Practitioners (Apr 2012)

Tai Chi named as perfect exercise for the elderly (Mar 2012)

Tai chi training appears to reduce balance impairments in patients with mild-to-moderate Parkinson's disease, with additional benefits of improved functional capacity and reduced falls. (Feb 2012)

Effects of Tai Chi Chuan on insulin and cytokine levels in a randomized controlled pilot study on breast cancer survivors. (June 2011)

Effects of tai chi training on antioxidant capacity in pre- and postmenopausal women. (April 2011)

T'ai Chi May Help Heart Failure Patients (April 2011)

T'ai Chi recommended as a form of exercise to help reduce risk of falling (March 2011)

Tai chi as an intervention to improve balance and reduce falls in older adults: A systematic and meta-analytical review. (Jan/Feb 2011)

Research shows T'ai Chi is good for easing Depression (March 2011)