Tai Chi at Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan

Learn Tai Chi to relax, become more self aware and improve your health.

Welcome to the Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan

We are Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan (SSTCC) Dublin. We are a not-for-profit school and a branch of the Tai Chi Foundation whose mission is to study and teach Tai Chi to increase health and consciousness and cultivate “strength through softness” in an atmosphere of support, compassion, and wisdom. We teach the Yang Style short form as modified by Professor Cheng Man Ching.

Good news! Indoor classes will start in Cara Hall on the 20th September 2021.

Classes are full and Registration is closed.

Students must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination to join class.

See Class info for more details.


First time at Tai Chi

You are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along two pairs of socks or Tai Chi slippers if you have a pair.

You can buy Tai Chi shoes online. We offer this Dutch website as a suggestion.

Tai Chi Foundation

 WHITE CRANE BREATHING (Metal) Tuning – Free

 WHITE CRANE BREATHING AN AUTUMN TUNING October 24 – November 14, 2021 Join us for this 22-day at-home qigong practice as you become the White Crane, experiencing the intake of the heavens with your breath, strengthening your defensive qi, and heightening your wellbeing, and attuning to the Metal element.

Click on the following link to go to the Tai Chi Foundation website

Tai Chi Foundation