Tai Chi at Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan

Learn Tai Chi to relax, become more self aware and improve your health.

Welcome to the Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan

We are Suaimhneas School of Tai Chi Chuan (SSTCC) Dublin. We are a not-for-profit school and a branch of the Tai Chi Foundation whose mission is to study and teach Tai Chi to increase health and consciousness and cultivate “strength through softness” in an atmosphere of support, compassion, and wisdom. We teach the Yang Style short form as modified by Professor Cheng Man Ching.

Zoom classes

Zoom classes will begin on 21 September 2020.  See Class info for more details.


Free Introduction

Each term begins with a free introduction class. This is a chance to see a demonstration, hear about our school and experience the movements of Tai Chi Chuan for yourself.

We will tell you about the health benefits, our curriculum and the origins of our school. At the end of every introductory session we have questions and answers followed by refreshments, which allows for an opportunity to meet and socialise with your fellow students and teachers.

You are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along two pairs of socks or Tai Chi slippers if you have a pair. 

Due to current Covid-19 indoor restrictions and refurbishment works in CARA Hall we are running Zoom classes from 21 September 2020.

Monday nights –  CARA Hall, All Saints Drive, Raheny, Dublin 5.
When Covid-19 guidelines allow we will restart indoor classes

Thursday mornings  –  St. Brigid’s Resource Centre, Killester.
When Covid-19 guidelines allow we will restart indoor classes

Wednesday nights  –  St. Peter’s Parish Hall, Peter Street, Drogheda, Co.Louth.
When Covid-19 guidelines allow we will restart indoor classes

Tuesday nights  –  Coolmine Community School, Clonsilla, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

When Covid-19 guidelines allow we will restart indoor classes

Embrace Earth tuning

Embrace Earth Tuning home

12 September – 10 October 2020

Earth season is about spending time on yourself and others.
It is time to accept ourselves for who we are.
How can we feel cared for and secure in this time of social distancing?
We need to relax, feel the embrace of the Dao, tune into our center and develop compassion for ourselves and others.
It’s the time to connect with our human family.

We warmly invite you to join the Embrace Earth Tuning, during which we will center ourselves for four weeks. Join with new and old friends to experience harmony within yourself and within a community of tai chi lovers generating qi together.

The program will begin with an online Zoom session on Sept 12 at 1:30 pm EDT.
And proceed with each person doing the work at home on their own. We will end with another Zoom session.

Join us! Sign up here



SMQ_Anna Teeples
Join us for our Fall Online Intensive
Tai Chi study program:
What is the goal?
To enhance your internal relaxation and mindfulness,
and make Tai Chi more present in your daily life.
More information is now available on the TCF website!
What is being offered?
The Summer Online Intensive (SOI) covered four of the
and three (Water, Wood, Fire) of the five elements that make up
The Fall Online Intensive (FOI) sessions complete these two programs.
If you didn’t participate in the Summer (SOI) program you can still sign up for the Fall Online Intensive (FOI).
When is it happening?
September 12:
Roots & Branches 5 Element Qigong – Earth Element Class & Tuning
2 hour session (incl. break)
October 3-4:
Eight Ways of Tai Chi Chuan weekend
3 hours each day over two days (incl. breaks & meditation)
October 24:
Roots & Branches 5 Element Qigong – Metal Element Class & Tuning
2 hour session (incl. break)
All classes start at:
9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST
How much does it cost? 
New intensive participants (did not do SOI):
Full price: $170
TCF members: $125
Price includes on-demand recorded classes
to learn the first four of the Eight Ways covered at the SOI.
SOI participants (did do SOI):
Full price: $130
TCF members: $105
As you already took the first four of the Eight Ways at the SOI
you can access the recordings for free to review the moves!
How can I sign up?
How can I become a TCF Member?
You can support the Tai Chi Foundation (TCF) by becoming a dues paid member. Members receive informative newsletters, special member rates for TCF programs, and advance notice of trainings.
New members can join for $60 when you register for this training to get the special TCF member price.